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Alabama 3 are an amazing UK band, hailing from Brixton. Formed by two friends - Larry Love and D. Wayne Love - the band was meant to be purely about techno and acid house. Then they started messing about with gospel, country and blues and things got interesting. Suddenly the crowds wanted to hear more about being converted... and sweet, pretty country acid house music was born.

Since their debut album in 1997 they've been out to convert the world, mixing the Presleyterian Church of Elvis the Divine with strong leftist philosophies, a driving dance beat and an abiding sense of the absurd.

There's no way to succinctly describe the Alabama 3 experience. You have to listen to their albums and go to their shows.

I'm just an Australian fan who has now been lucky enough to see them twice. This is a fan site, slowly growing, devoted to the mystery that is Alabama 3. I'm fascinated by the lyrics and the music, and I'm hoping to untangle a little bit of it on this website.

I've compiled their official videos here thanks to Youtube.


The Thrills Have Gone - Lyrics and Discussion
Mao Tse Tung Said - Lyrics, including Jim Jones' speech

More coming soon!

Alabama 3: The Albums

Exhile on Coldharbour Lane
The debut album from Alabama 3 is unique and impossible to pigeonhole. Combining blues, country, gospel and acid house (among others) should sound like a mess but here it meshes into a glorious symphony of fascinating sound. Every song is a winner. Recorded in 1997, this album does not age.

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La Peste
This follow up album to the blistering debut is a masterpiece in itself. Dark and melodic, it delves deeper into the blues roots of the band.
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Power In The Blood
Alabama 3's third album saw them return more to their techno roots. There's quite a few dance tracks on here, although their country/gospel fusion tracks still shine through.
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Last Train To Mashville
An entirely acoustic rendering of Alabama 3's greatest hits.
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Celebrating the legend of the outlaw in all his forms, this album saw A3 return to the style of their previous albums, while building on their earlier work. Very much a "country" album.
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MOR stands for "middle of the road" and the band sets out to offer big, fat, satisfying sounds, catchy melodies and some serious grooves. Guest singers The Proclaimers are fab as is backup singer Devlin Love.
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Other Albums

The Sopranos Soundtrack
Contains the US version of "Woke Up This Morning" as featured on the Sopranos.
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Ghost Flight by Robert Love
Robert Love's solo album.
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Alabama 3 news articles and reviews


Alabama 3 - Hear The Train A Comin'
Amazing live DVD of the band.
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Hello I'm Johnny Cash
The first single from Outlaw pays tribute to the man in black.
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How Can I Protect You?
The second single from Outlaw makes use of a sample from Irish band Aslan.
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Woke Up This Morning
This single contains five different versions of the Sopranos theme song.
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